Multifamily Bridge Loans

Loan Amount -$250K-$20M Terms-12-24 MONTHS LTC- UP TO 85% OF COST LTV- 70% OF ARV CLTV- 90% Cash out Refi- 65% LTV Amortization - Interest only DSCR- NO REQUIREMENT Property Types- Multifamily, Mixed Use FAST DUE DILIGENCE AND CLOSINGS

Multi Family 2-8 Mixed Use

660 Minimum FICO Purchases to 75% LTV Loan amount to $2M Minimum loan amount of $400k 2-8 units allowed Experienced investors only Cash-out to 70% Cash in hand to $1.0M General Purpose appraisal Borrower can be the business occupant

Multi Family 8-20 Units

Loan amounts up to $2MM LTV’s up to max 75% Cash in hand up to $1MM Fico score as low as 660 As low as 24 months seasoning on BK/FC/SS/DIL No tradeline requirements As low as 6 months reserves Only 30 day asset verification required Gift funds allowed